Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Special Effects French Tips

 So, this past Friday I went to sally's and I bought the special effects nail polish by finger paints. I know I'm a little late on buying them and everyone has them, and have tryed them. But I finally had a chance to go.

There was only 3 left. Asylum, Motley, and Twisted. When you look at the bottle its kind of hard to see what the color it is. But when you put them in the light you can get an idea of what the color will be.

From left to right: Twisted (pointer finger), Motley (middle finger), Asylum (ring finger)

Just another closer look of how each bottle has different flakes to them. I really liked asylum the most it has orange, purple,and almost like a hint of green flakes. Motley is mostly blue and green flakes. Twisted to me kind of looks like asylum but it has more of the red flakes.

So, I decided to do a french mani with asylum.  I wasn't to sure if the special effects was going to work well with my black nail polish I already had at home.  But It worked just fine. I can't wait to get the other nail polish I couldn't get. My only disappointment was it didn't work really while with lighter shades of nail polish.

I hope you liked my french tip manicure and please leave a comment or your feedback.

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